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Digable Planet #1 DJ Veto on Muwimbi Crew & Illum Sphere

By August 3, 2015 Blog No Comments
Hully Gully Logo

Welcome to Digable Planet – our monthly dive into the internationalist LPs of our finest and favourite DJs, bands and taste makers. This month, we sat down with Hully Gully’s Dan Veto ahead of the huge Illum Sphere’s appearance on Aug 30th. Looking at some of his finely sourced LPs, it’s clear that in spite of the privilege of being treated to rare records from himself and Illum Sphere, their novelty isn’t what makes them.

“I found the Mawimbi album out of luck – it looked so damn good I couldn’t really say no. There’s a lot of found sounds from smaller African countries and beyond on there – Ivory Coast, Cameroon – but just as I rarely know the songs on Illum Sphere’s mixes, the Mawimbi Crew LP is brilliant because of how well the boogies are put together”
Made by a Paris based DJ crew, Mawimbi do a fine job of using the local music and rhythms from ‘obscure’, localised music scenes but melding them – “it’s a pretty modern mix – the synthesizers are HEAVY on there and it owes as much to UK bass. It’s just great afro-pop.”

Similarly, Illum Sphere’s appeal owes much to how carefully it’s put together – “He’s typical of Ninja Tune – there’s a sonic depth there that feels particular to how they produce mixes – they give instruments space to breathe rather than ramping every one in your face. It’s a broad mix, from hip hop, electronic and boogie, but everywhere you feel the individual elements being coaxed out of the mix.”

Which is why we’re really excited for when the man himself drops in at the end of the month. “It’s all the more easy for your feet to know where to go when you can feel the beats better.”
Bring your dancing shoes.

Illum Sphere plays at Hully Gully, Sat 29th Aug, 9pm. Tickets £7/5adv.11801009_10152839488566642_245892873_o (2)