Electronic Jamming from Tomorrow

By March 14, 2016Blog

We’re really excited about a brand new kind of Gwd Jams on March 15th. It’s a new kind of intriguing Jam session, as Geraint Rhys and Midtide, musicians from apparently disparate ends of the musical spectrum come together to showcase their new collaborative project as well as rework and remix music from Kizzy Crawford, Eadyth and more. Whilst other Gwd Jams have seen (admittedly gorgeous) more subtle Jams of acoustic elements, with layers of sound added and tones and timbres blending, this will be a new kind, as the Electronic, even Techno influence of Midtide means songs and genres will be clashed in wonderful Juxtaposition, bringing the best elements of both., although as they were both keen to stress, nonetheless “progressing and jamming in an organic – dirtily organic way”

We talked recently to Geraint & Midtide about the event and one of the 1st things you notice (except Midtide’s arresting stage get-up) is their commitment to the free-form, “stream of consciousness” vibe of the night – “essentially, we are quite a new project but now ready to perform but we want to introduce people to our music in the same way we experienced it when we 1st jammed. We want to bring the organic, freestyle element that comes with clashing 2 different kinds of music to the audience live – that’s what we get from playing together and hopefully people are up for exploring the borders of where one kind of music ends and the other begin as much as us.”12576084_10154697520224466_2142161763_n
It’s not surprising they’re keen to look for people with minds open to new ideas – the Venn diagram of Underground techno vs Political-acoustic pop wouldn’t have the largest target area to aim at, and even amongst dance music, Midtide’s is gender-bending and moves between abstract and techno quickly, but despite the mind’s natural inclination to view genres like them as incompatible, it’s the contending elements that make them excited, Geraint says –

“Having the elements of my music & voice against the Electronic sounds is exciting enough for me as it makes you think differently about each element – but on the night it’ll be even better as we’ll have more musicians and an even bigger pool of sounds to draw on. We’ll be sampling and looping Kizzy & Eadyth’s stuff and the fact that most of us will be out of our comfort zone and exposed will hopefully make everyone more committed to the music in itself. There’s less ego as it’s not any one artist’s natural way of working so hopefully that’ll make it easier to have a stream of consciousness way of working”

Despite the Electronic leanings of the music in general, that freedom will hopefully mean a varied, eclectic mix of genre’s too – “every person on stage is largely coming from a different background, Midtide from techno, Curtis from hip-Hop, myself from acoustic-pop. I think the freedom on stage will mean we can all react to each in a more instinctive way less based on genre expectations and have more of a proper dynamic focused on the music itself rather than where 1 person’s fancy wants the songs to go”.

With Kizzy Crawford expanding into Electronic work last year with Kaikrea, and Eadyth’s music an intriguing hybrid itself, we’re expecting some vitalising, unique tunes to come forth from it!