GROOVE-iST: ALL the good stuff

By February 17, 2018Blog

We can’t wait for GROOVE-iST to bring their all rules barred attitude to floor-filling back this Saturday. With an eclectic encouragement of all manner of musical magic, DJ Notsoever, head honcho/spinner of GROOVE-iST brings long-form dancefloor narratives and tunes you didn’t know were meant to groove together. We asked him for his nighttime ethos ahead of GROOVE-iST #2.

Did DJs band together and swear to ban all rock music?
Do people no longer like slow songs?
Can someone with a beard play a Whitney Houston track without it being deemed ironic?
I’m not sure we’re going to manage to immediately answer all of those questions at the new GROOVE-iST nights but I do know we’re going to try.27749771_390107898083405_6125597357129274686_n

My personal inability to stick to a single era, producer, language or genre is less evidence of a short attention span and more about wanting to hear all the good stuff. I just can’t do without it and the more I’ve tested that theory the more I’ve grown closer to people who might otherwise have been quite far removed from my everyday life.
Something pretty astounding changes in a room when we realise we’ve collectively been moving our bodies in unison to sound without pausing to ask what it is, where it’s from or if we know the words.

In the right context, we are all capable of surprising ourselves with the things we enjoy so isn’t it a shame that we’re mainly offered nights that spell out very plainly what tonight’s music will entail from start to finish?
I want to hear The Stooges as much as I want to hear Donna Summer. I want to hear early House records as much as I want to hear drumless Miles Davis cuts. Isn’t there room for it all in a night out?

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63year old Betty who lives near the shop can teach you how to dance to those original soul cuts; she was there.
Liam can teach Betty exactly what following dubstep from it’s basement beginnings to today looks like on a dancefloor.
Yusuf can’t dance for toffee but he doesn’t give a toss so I think I’ll copy him.