Worldwide Wonders: Jazz Clubs

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Being somewhere that likes to find offbeat, in-between places to test your dancing feet and find joy in the experimental in Cardiff home it’s natural that several of our favourite club nights here find enigmatic inspiration from Jazz music. Not only with our Gwdihw Brass Takeover do we see free flowing brass influencing things.

Cosmogramma mix dancefloor electronic eclecticism with live jazz, the likes of Ezra Collective & Typesun interpollating the 2 with floor-filling excitement. Even nights known more for house & disco like Hully Gully & Blue Honey touch upon it, with the bass influenced jazz of Yussef Kamaal one of 2016’s most sought after shows.

So turning to traditional jazz venues seems natural and it seemed apposite to make this month’s worldwide wonders a look at some of the most intriguing & exciting jazz venues from the world over!


O Bom o Mau o Vilao: Lisbon
Being named after a Clint Eastwood spaghetti western may not seem to the starting point of a jazz bar, but having visited Lisbon’s O Bom, O Mau, O Vilao in the city’s bustling cultural Cais do Sodre, there’s undoubtedly something quietly exciting about it.

Unassuming & experimental, subtle yet colorful, it represents the best of Lisbon cultural life. Perched just above a glut of venues on Pink St – a small cafe & venue led cultural quarter, lively jazz jams seem to happen daily. Walking closely by grand pianos & skillful brass players to get to the bar, it’s intimate & welcoming yet fizzing with enlivening creativity – much like the city itself.

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Tramjazz: Rome
Opening for shows only bi-weekly is only one of the reasons this Rome ‘bar’ seems so vital. Big enough for a trio at most, Tramjazz twice a week whiles its way around the streets of Rome whilst one carriage hosts jazz musicians alongside the food served. For unique gig experiences, ending up outside the eternal city’s Colosseum must be up there!


From Verdict Jazz Facebook

Verdict Jazz: Brighton
Purpose built for stunning jazz acoustics and with 60 seats per show, The Verdict is the most traditional bar on here, but is still full of ambitiously programmed brilliance, with soul, electronica & more influences fitting in nicely with a ton of superb jazz must-sees.

Cafe Central: Madrid
Formerly the home of a gorgeous dealers in paintings, mirrors and picture frames, Cafe Central is every bit as graceful and dramatic as the high ceiling architecture and beautiful Spanish decor that it’s decked in.

Enjoyably it is open every day until the small hours of the morning, by which time, whether from their programme of well known US musicians, gypsy jazz or local performers become all the more intoxicating and dramatic.

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From @cafecentraljazz

From @cafecentraljazz

Open for more than 35 years, it’s another place that on our list that has forged its identity through sheer force of personality, both musically and in the beautifully adorned walls that cry out for you to revisit such is their charm.