Worldwide Wonders: Sure Shot

By July 1, 2017Blog

We pride ourselves on providing diverse wonders from around the world to groove to – so every month we guide you through eclectic, beautiful & brilliant live music venues from across the globe in Worldwide Wonders! This month, Adrian Davies of Sure Shot guides us through a cornucopia of club night brilliance from across the globe!

One of the party providers at Sure Shot, Adrian Davies curates this month’s! Bringing a mix of underground DJs (Lefto, Mr Thing), tastemaking labels (Habibi Funk)  and eclectically curated nights like Awesome Tunes From Africa & the legendary John Morales, SS have brought brilliance to Gwdihw for years, and they return here with their typical floor-filling Boogie, Disco & hip Hop grooves on July 8th! See more of their past events, pics & mixes at


NYC Downlow / Glastonbury, UK
I’ve always been fascinated by the birth of club culture and how the mix of cultures, sexualities, backgrounds came together, liberated by underground sounds in a safe haven where anyone can really be themselves and not worry what ‘society’ thinks.

I was born decades too late and on the wrong side of the planet to have been part of New York’s golden age and for me NYC Downlow in Block 9 is as close as I can get I reckon. There is so much attention to detail, it’s like a big budget film set. Even queuing to get in is amazing, with drag queens on a balcony hurling non-stop abuse at you.

Barbarella’s Discotheque / Pirovac, Croatia
An open-air after party spot for the many incredible festivals that take place at The Garden, Tisno such as Soundwave, Love International, SuncéBeat, Dekmantel Selectors and more. I’ve danced until sunrise here many times with my wife and friends. Being used to UK weather makes open air clubs novel to me. A soulful Hip Hop set from Mr. Thing sticks out in my memory. He’s definitely one of the best in my opinion. Also… the food! I’ve never had such tasty treats at a nightclub.

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Tropicana / Havana, Cuba
I’ve picked this for similar reasons to NYC Downlow. It’s as close as you can get to being in 1940s Havana as possible. Travel there in the back of a Caddy with your date, disembark on to a red carpet, get handed a Cohiba and a bottle of Havana Club and shown to your seats feeling like a mobster from the movies ready for a colourful show from the ‘Flesh Goddesses’.


1520 Sedgwick Avenue / The Bronx, NYC
This isn’t a club or venue (not nowadays anyway) but it is somewhere I had to visit on a musical pilgrimage. Located in the Morris Heights neighbourhood in the Bronx, this is the place that many attribute the birth of Hip Hop to thanks to Kool Herc throwing a party back in 73 looping Funk and Latin breaks and keeping the party live with the help of his emcees.

I visited as part of a slightly cheesy, but amazing Tour of NYC run by Hush Hip Hop tours. The best part about it was spending the day with Grandmaster Caz (the tour guide) and having the opportunity to ask him anything you want and hear his incredible stories.